From human to cyborg

29 02 2008

I’ve been doing some research on cochlear implants and have come across a fascinating article on how a deaf man learns to hear music again after getting an implant. My Bionic Quest for Bolero was written by Michael Chorost, it charts his attempts to hear Bolero’s beauty again, as he had heard it before he was implanted. It really is riveting reading and brought me to tears a number of times.

I do listen to music a lot, I used to play the trumpet to grade 4, and think I hear it reasonably well. I am wondering, if I was to get a CI, would I hear music any better, or ……. worse? A scary thought.

Chorost has written a book called Rebuilt : How becoming part computer made me more human. I’m waiting for delivery of this book from Amazon, you can read excerpts here –

Rebuilt – Chapter 1

Rebuilt – Chapter 4

If you want to watch a cochlear implant surgery procedure, here is an hour-long captioned clip. It’s not for the squeamish. ……. Go easy on that freaking drill! I was clenching my jaw throughout this clip.

And for the cyborg fans, I found this … just for you.




3 responses

2 03 2008

I learnt to play the piano again after my Cochlear implant. However music did change from what it sounded like with Hearing aid to CI. Perseverance paid off though and anything I had a memory of sounded fine.

I did find it difficult to learn new songs.


4 03 2008

God FOL I made the mistake of watching the op subtitled on the tv, very nearly changed my mind about getting one, but at least I know what to expect now.

Robyn, how long did it take you to get used to the sounds? was your hearing worse until then? im due to get one before summer and trying to get as much info as I can.

9 02 2015

really good for those people who have listing problem or not getting clear voice.i am also using this aid.

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