4 03 2008

I read Li-Li’s blog regularly and her post-CI audiogram has been posted.

I am in shock.

And awe.

Just LOOK at that jump in her hearing!

Way to go Li-Li! Woohoooo!



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5 03 2008

That audiogram is pretty amazing. I’m not against CIs, but you do need to remember that they have indiscriminate microphones like ordinary hearing aids, hence you still won’t be able to hear well when there is lots of background noise, and they only transmit certain frequencies across the range of the audiogram, not the continuum that hearing people get, and she seems to be an exceptional case and yet she does still need speech therapy… therefore it is not a cure for deafness whatever the audiogram says.

Still, it does look good.

5 03 2008
Li-Li's Mom

Hi – small world, I love reading your blog all the time (in fact, I think your very cool audiograms post was one of the inspirations for putting up Li-Li’s)!

I had the same response — I was so shocked: What a great potential to hear! Dale is right, though, about a great deal of speech therapy to come and the programs that adjust for background sound are technological marvels, but far from natural hearing. Building comprehension will take a whole lot of time, but fortunately for us, she’s got a firm and growing grasp of sign language, so we certainly don’t lack for any means of communicating with her now.

And I agree that a CI, as great an aid as it is for some, is not a cure for deafness for anyone: my daughter is still profoundly deaf, she just has a pretty cool tool to help her interact in hearing world if she wants to!

5 03 2008

No-one is claiming (Certainly not audiologists), the CI is any effective duplicate or replacement for the ear, or, ‘cures’ deafness. It is an AID to communication, it assists the brain to follow SOME ranges of frequency and sound, nothing more, nothing less. The misconceptions, are hyped success of those implanted as against those that aren’t, and then the resultant deaf politcs afterwards. We’ve gone from the cupped hand to the ear, to the ear trumpet, to the hearing aid, and now to the CI, I think genetic ID is the real thing to watch. If the child is happy, and the parents are happy, so am I for them.

6 03 2008

Re MM: Well, the audiogram suggests that Li-Li’s hearing has been restored to that of a normal person, Tina’s web log above suggests she might think it has restored full hearing, and the title of this web log is an extreme response to the audiogram. I just thought it prudent to temper the ecstasy with a little reality, just to make sure Tina doesn’t get her expectations too high if she decides on an implant herself, caring soul that I am.

6 03 2008

I was surprised at Li-Li’s audiogram hence my shock at her result & the post title. And yes, I’m pleased for her. I’ve never said or implied her hearing is restored to a normal level, it is a massive improvement on what she had previously and that is impressive enough in itself. To be so far above my own expections, to almost reach the level of normal hearing, is what amazed me. Even a 5 decibel increase makes a great difference, as I know from my own hearing. So I am very impressed by what Li-Li has managed to achieve. As far as I’m concerned, a CI is still a hearing aid. An aid to hearing – not a replacement.

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