7 03 2008

We checked out the Juan Muñoz exhibition at the Tate Modern, spread out over 14 rooms.

In room 10 there was a particularly striking sculpture called Many Times. 100 Chinese people were gathered in small groups, all deep in conversation and grinning at something. The viewer is excluded from the conversations and the groups as we don’t know what they are whispering about or what they are grinning at. This was a very meaningful exhibit as this is just what it feels like to be deaf. Invisible and excluded. Not knowing what other people are talking about. So it all becomes rather sinister and you start to feel uneasy.

Many Times, 1999 (detail) Private collection © The Estate of Juan Munoz

I’m really glad I’ve got a Hearing Dog to make me ‘visible’ to hearing people and feel included. It’s so easy for a deaf person to get lost within humanity and to say nothing, and become a nonentity.

FOL’s verdict : PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket




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