Bite me

19 03 2008

I tried to contact my hearing aid centre today, to find out whether they had sent a letter that had been promised to be sent to me last Friday, as it’s been four working days and no sign of a letter. Using Typetalk, I called the different numbers on the letters I had received from my hospital. The hearing aid centre phone rang through to an answering machine every time I rang it. I tried the main hospital switchboard – they put me through to the hearing aid centre’s answer machine every time. I tried calling Bob (the audiologist) direct but his phone just rang and rang, right through the morning and afternoon. I called the textphone number and that was just dead. I called the Speech Therapy department next door to Audiology and they had never heard of Bob. Totally fed up, I called PALS to complain. The line was constantly engaged so I tried their second number. An answer machine message came on – “We are unable to respond to your call. Please leave a message and we will get back to you in two days.” Two. Whole. Days.

By now I was starting to feel as if I was an extra on the set of ‘The Day After Tomorrow‘.

Where are all these people?

Why don’t they just pick up and answer the phone?

Is that so hard?!

I can’t even begin to describe how disgusted I am. I had spent an hour on the phone, trying to get hold of a living person that I could speak to in the hearing aid department, only to be met with brick walls.

Is this the new and improved NHS? Is this Tony Blair’s legacy? Is this how they cut down waiting times, by not answering phones and providing a “customer service” that only exists when it’s convenient?

IT’S DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!

Score : NHS 0 – Private sector 2




One response

19 03 2008

Our hospital uses patient liason, it’s a one-stop shop, I call them (Fax), tell them the issue they call around sort it out, works very well. The NHS is totally fragmented so unless you know your way around it’s pointless phoning depts I found. Patient Liaison here will call ANY health area for you if you have an issue, or even to re-arrange appointments etc elsewhere. Being ‘in-house’ they don’t get hung up on or diverted anywhere else… I’m a major campaiogner for centralkised one-stop pools so we only need ONE contact to get things sorted out for the 999 and NHS services, it makes financial sense because the respective areas can pool funds and we could get a real 24hr service like everyone else, it is the deaf blocking this, by demanding a direct access for everyone for everything, which while laudible is not practicable. I get an mobile number to the hospital terp too in case I need that in a hurry. I think this is the way forward.


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