25 03 2008

My post on 15 March inadvertently insulted hearing people and for that, I sincerely apologise.

I’m now wondering, what gives hearing people the idea that they have a right to be condescending and arrogant towards deaf people?

What I SHOULD’VE said was ‘What gives people the idea that they have a right to be condescending and arrogant towards other people?’

I was writing this post with the people in the audiology centre in mind, not hearing people as a whole. This post was coloured by my past experiences of rudeness, which were mostly due to people’s attitudes towards my access of their services, because they can’t be patient with repeating themselves, with captioned telephony, with access for my Hearing Dog. Some people are just rude anyway. Often I have had to get another person to speak on my behalf, and they are taken much more seriously than I am. So I assumed this change in attitude and respect was to do with me being deaf and the stand-in being hearing. Why should it?

But of course, people can be rude for any reason and to anyone. And I have been reminded, they often are. I guess I’ve been lucky enough to miss most of it as I don’t hear it, or I just haven’t lived life enough. Thanks D, for the reminder.




One response

26 03 2008

Well I think most of us who have hearing loss have experienced things that would shock most Hearing people. While the majority of Hearing people are pretty nice, it’s shocking the attacks and rude behavior we endure. People just don’t realize until they walk in our shoes.

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