Access to Work

31 03 2008

Wednesday 2nd April, BBC TWO 1.00pm

In a special investigation that goes to the heart of government, Memnos Costi uncovers the shocking truth behind a company claiming thousands of pounds intended for their deaf and disabled staff.

It’s a story of lies, deception, unpaid bills, taxes and wages – and it raises huge questions about the way in which the Government’s £66 million Access to Work fund is being managed.

There’s also another chance to catch this edition overnight on Tuesday 8th/Wednesday 9th April on BBC ONE, as part of Sign Zone.

Remember, you can also watch old See Hear programmes on iPlayer, for up to seven days after the programme is broadcast. We’re now transmitting with full open subtitles for full access as well. Simply click on this link to find the latest programmes available for viewing.




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