SprintIP Relay for Facebook – phone on the go!

7 05 2008

Sprint IP Relay makes communicating on-the-go easier than ever. You can now express yourself using SprintIP Relay through Facebook. Place your relay calls on any computer with internet access using SprintIP.

Take traditional relay technology up a notch. Communicate comfortably and dependably using SprintIP to type your conversation to a Relay Operator. The Relay Operator then reads aloud your typed message and turns verbal responses into text. So no matter where life takes you, access to an internet connection and computer means you can stay in touch 24/7. BUT… it only works in the USA! International calls will either be blocked or terminated.

To use Sprint IP with Facebook:

* Log in to Facebook
* In the search box, type Sprintip, then press Enter
* Add the application SprintIP Relay
* Choose the “Put a box in my profile option”
* It will then appear on your profile page
* To share, just click the ‘Share with Friends’ link and add the names of individuals you want to share SprintIP with
* Easy and convenient! No “GA” needed
* SprintIP offers English and Spanish service
* To connect with a Spanish relay operator, type Espanol
* Type Help to connect to Sprint Relay Customer Service

Instructions on how to use this service: Sprint Relay instructions for Facebook

I’m sooooooo jealous! The campaign to get captioned relay phone calls reinstated in the UK (and free of charge) is in it’s second stage. Join the campaign’s Facebook group at Campaign : Deaf people want greater access to modern phone technology where you will be updated with the latest news, or check out the CAMPAIGNS tab above.



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