Deaf and Hard of Hearing badges

1 06 2008


Do you find that other people don’t always look at you when they’re talking, and you miss what they’ve said? It’s very frustrating and it’s not nice to have to constantly ask them to repeat themselves.

One solution is to wear a badge that says you are a lipreader or deaf. Simply pin it to your coat lapel or sweater. You can obtain badges from Hearing Concern Link.




11 responses

1 06 2008

The one I have says “Yep, I am ignoring You.. and your goldfish impressions are not all that..”

1 06 2008

How about this solution is to wear a badge that says you are a American when you go any other countries? Any Badge available? Don’t feel sorry for deaf or HH at all but if you do, I feel sorry from your point of view…

1 06 2008

I love this. So glad I found your blog. Thank you

1 06 2008

MM, that’s funny!

15 06 2008

Sounds like the writer just wants to “plug” selling the badges. Maybe I should wear one saying “mad female with disability” Or the blind should have one with “blind”

There would be uproar if people of different colours had to wear a badge with their ethnicity on it, so why is it different for deafies? Isn’t there enough problems trying to convince people deafies are just like anyone else without wearing a stupid badge. All the deafies I know manage just fine without and there is more than one way of communication. Now how did the “hands on” way of communication go again:-)

15 06 2008

anyone seen the signs on trucks? “if you can’t see my mirrors then I can’t see you”
on that line, ” if I can’t see your lips then I can’t hear you” now that’s a badge that would make even me (a scotsman) part with some pennies.

15 06 2008

I forgot to add this would only work pinned to your back ; )

6 07 2008

I think one or two of you have missed the point.

The whole reason for wearing a badge is to make others aware that the wearer is deaf or lipreads. It is simply an aid like any other, not a label.


8 07 2008

for some reason you think that would help? fail to see who was missing the point, we are all very well aware.
like MM’s lighthearted point, so they can give us the goldfish expression? making them aware is one thing, being a being an aid to us is a long way off.

24 07 2008

Heh, reminds me of a bright idea I once had to put disability codes at the bottom of e-mails so you know who you are communicating with… nobody will wear it I’m afraid.

18 11 2017

I too had problems with communications at work and arguments because of my deafness I got a badge made which says i am a lip reader not a mind reader so far it works, try it might be just what you need

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