Some frigging people…..

22 08 2008

Following on from my recent post, Changing the way you see disABILITY, I was thinking that it’s not only about how disability is perceived. It’s also about the follow through, how people with disabilities are treated. I am amazed at what some people think they can get away with. Let me give you an example….

Jean is deaf and shares a flat with her flatmate Brian. Brian is not fully mentally capable and is, basically, a pushover. Now I don’t agree with taking advantage of people with disabilities, I think they should be treated with the same respect as anyone else. So does Jean. So this story makes me wonder what the world is coming to. Jeans tells her story …

Last week I was watching TV around 10pm and looked up to see two strangers standing in my lounge, a young couple. The fella walked over to my open laptop and sat down. I said, hang on, who are you and what are you doing? He ignored me. The girl said something, but I couldn’t catch what she said.

Annoyed, I went to find my flatmate and asked him who these people were. Apparently they were the daughter of the next door neighbours (who were away on holiday) and her boyfriend. I went back into the lounge and asked them to leave. The girl started shouting at me. I had no idea what she was saying, as I can’t lipread people when they shout. They left, then came back later and used Brian’s computer, walking in and out as if they owned the place. It transpired that they had been burgled. I was thinking, that’s strange, why don’t they just phone the police, it’s no use emailing them. When they had gone back next door, I took the opportunity to shut my front door. To have a bit of privacy in my own home.

Around 11pm they knocked again. I asked them why they wanted to use my computer, why didn’t they phone the police? The boy ignored me and wouldn’t reply to my questions. The girl shouted at me, interrupting everything I said. I asked her to calm down and explain what the problem was. She kept shouting. I said I can’t understand you when you shout. She kept rolling her eyes when I asked her to repeat herself. So I said I’m not going to be spoken to like that and shut the door.

I then went off on holiday and came back a couple of days ago. Half an hour after I got back, I got an email from Brian’s mum: “Oh we didn’t realise you didn’t know them, they just wanted to use your computer. We don’t see why that’s a problem.” The next day, I got a phone call from her asking why I hadn’t replied to her email, and she wanted a reply. Grrr grr.

Last night, this boy knocked on my door again and asked for me. I thought, hey ho here we go, I’m going to get a nice grovelling apology.

But, oh no! He asked me if he could use my computer to book airline tickets. No apology and no Please. The flaming cheek! I said NO. And certainly not after his offensive behaviour last week, when he didn’t even ask permission and totally ignored me. I said he could ask my flatmate if he could use his computer. He said “Can I use it now or shall I come back in half an hour?”. I retorted “You have to ASK. HIM. FIRST.”

Honestly. I’m outraged!




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