Confused about benefits?

3 09 2008

Do you need to claim for

    Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
    Incapacity Benefit
    Employment and Support Allowance

It’s a minefield and the forms are legendary for their complexity and stupid questions.

I discovered a useful website which gives advice on completing these nightmare forms. Check out Benefits and Work.

This site has a forum and free newsletter. They provide guides to these benefits at £18.95 – it’s worth it if you’re claiming for the first time, you’ve been turned down, or are not getting what you think you’re entitled to. They also provide training.



One response

3 09 2008

Since DLA has no valid questions deaf can answer, and IB is to be scrapped, just how much advice can we get ? Until the DLA form actually includes the point deafness is the difficulty ‘getting around’, we have to hack a limb off to claim…. The only answer is a DLA re-write or an allowance specific for deafness and loss. Perhaps if the deaf claimed for the loss of hearing instead of demanding money for culture instead……

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