Oliver Westbury’s expedition to the North Pole

4 09 2008

Talk – ‘My Expedition to the North Pole’

Venue : Jewish Deaf Association
Julius Newman House
Woodside park Road
London N12 8RP

Date : Sunday September 14th at 6pm

Oliver Westbury will give a PowerPoint presentation about his tough expedition to the North Pole in April to raise money for the National Deaf Children’s Society.

Oliver became one of the first two deaf people ever to reach the North Pole. He was featured earlier this year on See Hear, before he went on his expedition. It was a brilliant achievement for the team to struggle on foot to reach the North Pole in five days! Oliver will show photographs and explain how he and his team trekked to the North Pole, facing difficult obstacles.

Communication support will be provided – a lip-speaker and a voice over for Oliver’s talk in sign language.

This will be a fascinating evening, so do come along and learn all about the North Pole Expedition. The talk costs £3 each.

If you would like to attend and bring your friends, please write to Kay Kaufman at the above address enclosing the payment (cheque payable to Jewish Deaf Association) or email her on kay @ jda. dircon. co. uk or MSN : kay_jdafinchley @ hotmail .co .uk
You can pay at the door as time is short but please let Kay know beforehand.



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