Light my fire

6 09 2008


Today was the first cold day we’ve had this summer. I actually had my 100% pure wool cardigan on and my soft fleecy socks from Marks and Spencer, as the heating hasn’t been switched on yet.

I shut the bedroom window. I could smell the neighbour’s chimney, they must have a good old fire going. I love the smell of fires. They remind me of the peat fires my nana had when I was growing up in Ireland, very aromatic and welcoming. I walked into the lounge and sat down. I could smell the smoke on my cardigan. Blimey, the neighbour’s chimney must need cleaning out, I thought.

Some time later, it was time to take my dog for a walk. I got my shoes on and went out. Outside my front door, I tripped over a huge fire hose. What the f#*$……….???

There were six fire engines and two police cars outside. A building across the road was burning merrily. It was a huge, huge fire. Lots of hunky firemen running around. How did I miss THIS? How did I miss six fire engines screaming down the road to my front door? The building had been boarded up for a few years, recently I had seen groups of teenagers coming and going from this building. I bet some of the buggers had set it alight, playing with matches or whatever bored kids do these days.

I’m amazed that I missed hearing all this, right on my doorstep. Huh. So much for these ‘wonderful’ digital hearing aids.



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7 09 2008

Yeah, I been there, done that. Time to get borgized. I’m part of the younger CI community and I’m not afraid to tell it to their face, deaf n’ dummies, GO GET BORGIZED. Sign language, pfft. Ain’t going to get you anywhere. Same thing with aids. Because of hearing aids, you almost lost your life!

Join us and be robots!


7 09 2008
dean harris

BORGIZED? *Looks on the dictionary* the word’s not even exist =/

Btw, what a hot fireman! *Glares* :oD

8 09 2008

‘Borgized’? Is this a new word derived from ‘cyborg’? I like it. Borgerization is on my list of ‘Things to do before I die’.

The hot fireman was certainly um… smouldering. Tee hee.

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