Survey : Public spaces in London

8 09 2008

Ursula Hoermannsdorfer is the P.A. to David W. Morris (Mayor’s Senior Policy Adviser – Disability and Deaf Issues). She is currently doing a degree in Equality and Diversity and is writing her final dissertation about public space and equality in London. She has created a survey about the favourite and least favourite public spaces in London.

Can you help Ursula by completing the survey at the link below? If you get distracted half-way through you can return to the survey where you left off if you click on this link using the same computer.

# Ursula’s survey #

The survey is completely anonymous – she won’t be able to track down who sent responses.

Please let Ursula know if the survey is not accessible to you and she will find an alternative format. Unfortunately, free surveys come with limited options regarding design and accessibility and she doesn’t have a budget for her project. Phone 0207 983 4370 / Fax 0207 983 4890

If you can, please also forward this survey to your contacts.




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