Music to my ears

14 09 2008

I’m getting pretty fed up. My tinnitus has taken over my life for the last few months. It’s always been there but now it’s constant and it’s loud. Wouldn’t it be lovely just to switch it off. I literally haven’t had a moment’s peace for months!

I know of some tips to reduce tinnitus. My main vice is caffeine so that will go!

# reduce caffeine intake
# reduce nicotine intake
# reduce stress
# meditate
# get more sleep

We may see treatments in the next 5-10 years for tinnitus. There are some now in clinical trials in humans that have worked in mice to suppress tinnitus, based on NMDA antagonists introduced into the cochlear fluids.




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14 09 2008

ONe method is the ‘distraction’ approach, many find that while tinnitus doesn’t really go away, a hobby or interest can divert your attention away from it for a while. even getting engrossed in a book or something works reasonably well (Or even online !). My doc said listen to bloody tapes of whales farting in the water helps, love to ! problem is being deaf makes that difficult lol

First thing at morning last thing at night it is worse with me, takes ages to get sleep after. I NEVER drink coffee anyway, I think STARBUCK’s should be banned frankly. Americans live on the stuff, and we know what happens there……. a lot of hyper people on therapy and gun happy, BAD combination !

15 09 2008
Laura from Lipo-Flavonoid

Hi Music to My Ears,

You and your readers may find some relief from Lipo-Flavonoid, a nutritional supplement created by an ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor that contains a special blend of vitamins that promotes ear health and microcirculation of the inner ear. ENT’s have been recommending Lipo-Flavonoid for treating tinnitus symptoms since the 60’s and many report 7 out of 10 patients show an improvement with tinnitus symptoms after taking it as directed. As any sufferer knows , any improvement is good, however, not all tinnitus patients will have improvement. There is a lot more information about tinnitus and Lipo-Flavonoid at if you or anyone else is interested in learning more. We encourage tinnitus sufferers to share their Lipo-Flavonoid experience with us, too. You can contact the lipoflavonoid team directly at . We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks ~Laura Giardina, on behalf of the Lipo-Flavonoid Team.

15 09 2008

I also suffer from tinnitus. The only medication that has help me, after trying a lot of “natural remedies” is Xanax (alprazolam, generic). Very cheap.
Take 0.5 mg at bed time and 0.5 mg in the morning. It helps a lot. Also for sleep take 2 pills of 3 mcg (micrograms) of melatonin with the alprazolam . Alprazolam needs Rx, melatonin can be bought at any farmacy. No Rx required.
Best of luck, Eddy…

16 09 2008

When I asked my audiologist about tinnitus, she mentioned cutting back on caffeine and also told me to limit salt intake.
It’s worth a try.
Best wishes,

1 10 2008

I think your blog is terrific, and I would like to feature you on Wellsphere ( Would you drop me an email?
Good health!

Geoffrey W. Rutledge, MD, PhD

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