Lipreading classes petition

30 09 2008

Yesterday at the LINK Convention, during a presentation about lipspeaking, we were told about a petition to be presented to 10 Downing Street urging the Government to provide more funding for lipreading classes. One of the basic needs of older people is to be able to communicate to find out about their needs, with a view to staying independently in their own homes. People with a hearing disability are now having to pay to learn lipreading which is their main means of communication and 60% of those over the age of 60 have a significant hearing loss.

See the online petition for details. Please help by signing this petition. The more signatures it has, the greater its chance of being noticed.



4 responses

30 09 2008

I wish I could sign your petition. I know several elderly deaf who have a very hard time with this. No classes here.

1 10 2008

Hi as you know there’s currently no lip reading in my area now, which myself and others I’ve seen or kept in contact has too. Be great if it was back again.

2 10 2008

I signed one petition already regarding LR, but I fear these online petitions are a scam that nobody reads or acts on. Perhaps if Lip-reading and sign language were taught alongside each other and not taught as an A or B system and everyone worked on the basis of communication, we would all benefit a lot more. Sign benefits hearing people mostly !

BSL has taken up all the funding because people who teach that can make money teaching others to sign, lip-reading benefits directly the deaf person, so, no money in it for them via fees. The downside of BSL is it by default degrades deaf awareness and puts it on a ‘service’ basis, despite the fact, over 68% of learners of BSL dropping out long before they can gain proper qualifications, because there are lots of deaf people being approached by people with little more than stage 1 or maybe 2 at most, which isn’t good enough.

Lip-readers have a dire shortage of teachers, and the constant highly negative views from the deaf community on the mode keeps suggesting it is a waste of time. Again classes are TOO SHORT at a few hours a week Nobody listens, you need daily tuition for many many months and, on-street training to hone the skill, as well as psychological counseling, as LR classes stand now they don’t work, so just fuel the BSL arguments.

nobody cares about communication, just what is in it for them, nothing for the lip-reading side. But sort out the CACDP first that is profiteering and without a plan of any sort too. They support the communication divide.

6 10 2008

Lipreading does have it uses on the one-to-one basis but, in group situation, that is where you will flounder. I know that cos I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Whereas with BSL, you can have comm support and go with the flow and I’m sticking with that cos comms is done on my support and it is easier to be assertive that way.

I understand for most elderly people and some deafened people, learning another language is hard and provisions should be made to fill that gap. But, MM, I resent the fact you are blaming BSL for the lack of LR provisions and it smacks of jealously and you are not doing us any favour by internalising the age-old argument of Deaf versus the HoH – and who should get what. It is the government that should get better awareness of where to put money to fill the gaps and recognise that some people need to adopt different communications strategies and also that BSL exists as a bonafide language where a BSL charter is urgently needed.

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