Free eye tests

10 10 2008

With a hearing loss, we all know how precious our eyes become to us as we rely on those so much more than our ears. So here’s a jolly good offer.

Tesco is offering free eye tests in-store, between Mon 6 October and Sun 2 November 2008.

They are giving 100 free Clubcard points when you take the test, worth £4 on goodies from the Tesco Clubcard deals brochure. The offer’s valid at all stores with an opticians department.

How to get it

Find your nearest Tesco Opticians, using the store finder. Enter your postcode and make sure you tick the “opticians available” button. Then simply click on your nearest Tesco and ring its number to book, mentioning the “free eye test offer”. Alternatively, you can make an appointment in store.

Don’t forget your clubcard. People who have the free eye test will also get 100 Clubcard points. Remember, never ever redeem vouchers in-store. Redeem vouchers on Tesco’s special Clubcard Deals Brochure and points values increase four-fold.

The offer is subject to availability and the 100 Clubcard points are only given if you’re taking up the specific free eye test offer, not having an NHS eye test. If you’d normally be eligible for an NHS eye test you can still take up this offer to get the Clubcard points, but you’d then not be eligible to receive the NHS voucher for money off glasses.

And… you don’t have to buy your glasses from Tesco. Tesco is offering this freebie as it hopes you’ll buy glasses or lenses from them, but this isn’t a prerequisite. You often have a right to get your prescription from elsewhere.

Free Dolland & Aitchison eye test

If you’ve no Tesco nearby, the Sept/Oct M&S in-store magazine has a free eye test voucher valid until 31 Jan (normal price £27.50).




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