New tinnitus blog

7 02 2009

Do you sometimes wonder how other people manage to cope with their tinnitus?
Could you make small changes that would make your life more bearable?
Could you get more help for your tinnitus on the NHS?

Coping with the debilitating condition of tinnitus could become that bit easier thanks to a new blog from Deafness Research UK.

The blog marks National Tinnitus Week (9th-15th February) and will initially involve three Deafness Research UK supporters talking frankly about how they cope with their tinnitus on a daily basis. Meet Kate, John and Gemma who, contrary to the usual advice of trying not to dwell on the symptoms, are focusing on their tinnitus in order to help others learn from their experiences and cope with tinnitus better.

My tinnitus has improved quite a bit over the last few days. For the last 5 months, it has been much louder in my left ear than it has ever been. It’s been really annoying and makes me feel more tired and stressed. I moved house recently and having said good riddance to an irritating flatmate and his nasty overbearing bully of a mother, who never seemed to stop popping in, emailing and ringing me, I feel much more relaxed in my new home. I actually feel AT home. My tinnitus has unexpectedly improved and I’m really pleased! It’ll never go away though, I’ve had it all my life and it’s just a part of me. So I’ve learned that managing my environment can affect my tinnitus. Useful tip!



2 responses

27 02 2011

Try taking herbs like ginkgo biloba and feverfew orally as they are known to have positive results in cure for ears ringing.

24 09 2012

I believe anxiety was the cause of my 24 day episode with tinnitus……and yes it was family members. After 2 weeks of solitude it started to diminish and by 3 weeks it was fading completely. My noise was an intermittent, low frequency hum in the left ear. Having perfect health for 59 years, including excelling vision and hearing, I originally attributed the hum to a noise to an external source. After exploring the house and outside area I realized it was a head noise.

You made the right move to distance yourself from annoying family member.

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