Petition ~ cochlear implants

11 02 2009

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to commission a research project to investigate the costs and benefits associated with the cochlear implant surgical procedure. More details here.

Submitted by Chris Nykiel of Disabled Members Group of Unison Leeds Branch
Deadline to sign up by: 10 November 2009

More details from petition creator

Cochlear implants are a surgically implanted electronic aid that provides a sense of sound to a person who has a significant hearing impairment.

We have a number of concerns about the use of cochlear implants which need investigating:

1. What are the success rates for the procedure?

2. What happens if the procedure fails and the deaf person is left with a defunct piece of machinery inside their head?

3. How many people with the implant complain of facial problems caused by strong magnetic fields and MRI scans?

4. At what age is the procedure routinely carried out on children? And what is known of the long-term safety of the procedure?

5. What are the risks to people with an implant who want to take part in contact sports like rugby, or scuba diving?

6. What are the psychological consequences of the procedure, such as negative self-image?

7. Do we know whether deaf children are bullied or teased after having the implant?

We expect accountable representatives from the disabled and deaf community to be recruited onto the Peer Panel to manage the research project.

The final report will be produced in a range of accessible formats, including a British Sign Language DVD.




5 responses

12 02 2009
Robyn Carter

Research has been done on the cost effectiveness of cochlear implants by an outside independent researcher in Australia (not associated with Cochlear). It was found that the Cochlear Implant was the 3rd most cost effective medical technology today, up there with neonatal care and heart disease.


12 02 2009

forgive my bluntness but this has to be the worse petition I have yet seen, and I def won’t be signing, perhaps a little more research should have went into your research if you did any, most of the questions have answers that are public knowledge and can be found out online easy enough, why waste their time with this nonsense.
and no it’s not bacause I have had an implant, I would have had the same opinion either way, they have real petitions to answer and this is just a waste of their resources.

12 02 2009

Well…. haven’t you noticed, I haven’t signed up?

CIs are done and paid for, for a good reason: they are successful!

I agree, this is the worst petition I have ever seen. But it didn’t slip under my radar! I am curious – who will be recruited onto the Peer Panel and what is the point of the “final report” ….?

14 02 2009
Ian Noon

What do deaf children themselves think about cochlear implants? That’s a rather obvious key question which isn’t asked – probably because it’s already been answered by NDCS / Ear Foundation research which – quite radically – actually asked deaf children themselves what they thought. It found that generally deaf children accepted their implants.

The petition also seems to be ignorant of the fact that the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence have just spent around 3 years looking into cochlear implants – and have just recommended it as an option for profoundly deaf children. Call me naive – but I doubt they would have done so had the risks been so great.

I get the feeling that the only research that would be accepted by the petitioners is that one that confirms their own prejudices…

14 02 2009

Yes I got that impression too Ian, what I found even more ridiculous was that even I can answer nearly all of these questions with no training in this field whatsoever, it’s public knowledge and open for anyone to see.
Not that I’m going to humour this petition, if they don’t do their research then they don’t deserve any feedback.

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