Help improve subtitled cinema and win 5 DVD movies

20 03 2009

A message from Dean at Your Local

Your Local, the one-stop shop for ‘accessible’ cinema,
has made it to the finals of the Daily Mail Enterprise Awards.

Your VOTE is needed to help us WIN.

Why bother to vote?

If we do well in the awards, we are more likely to be able to to persuade our sponsors – the UK Film Industry – to keep our service running.

Progress has been great – more than 300 cinemas now have subtitling facilities, including almost all Odeon, Vue and Cineworld cinemas.

But even more could be done – there’s still not enough subtitled shows!

Voting tells the UK film industry that our service makes a real difference
– it enables people with a visual or hearing problem to enjoy the popular social activity of cinema going.

Also, it’s a great opportunity to spread awareness of subtitled cinema
nationwide and to use the exposure to remind the film industry that the ‘access’ issue needs to be kept high on the agenda.

And by voting you enter a draw to win five DVD movies of your choice from the vast LOVEFILM collection of 65,000 titles!

So we need your help please…

You are only allowed to vote once. To ensure that there’s no chance of multiple entries, you will need to register your email address at the Enterprising Young Brits website .

Scroll down to fill in two boxes:

‘User Name’ (just type anything you’ll remember)
‘Email Address’ (your real email address is necessary)

Then click the two boxes:
‘I am over 18’
‘Accept Terms & Conditions of Use’

Then click ‘Create New Account’

You will immediately be sent an email, to the address you gave, stating the User Name you provided and a password.

Highlight that password and copy it.

Then visit this website: Make Your Mark

Type in the User Name you created.

Paste in your Password.

Click ‘Log In’.

Click ‘Vote Now’

Scroll down to the bottom, and click the last little circle for ‘Dean – Your Local Cinema’ (that’s me!)

Click ‘Vote Now!!!’

And that’s it!

VOTE to enter the draw to win five DVD movies of your choice from the vast LOVEFILM collection of 65,000 titles. Please also remember to send an email to with the word ‘VOTE’ in the subject.

Thanks very much!
Your Local Cinema .com

If you have trouble voting please let the people at Enterprising Young Brits know:



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