Subtitles for Apple Mac tutorials

11 04 2009

I’ve bought an electronic frisbee Apple MacBook Air and am struggling with finding out how to use all the applications, as it didn’t come with a manual. I found video tutorials online however they aren’t captioned. A problem for me, since I can’t hear!

I discovered this site, Mac Video Tutorial subtitles project. The video tutorials are subtitled by volunteers. Brilliant! Just what I need, and I’m sooo grateful.

Captions are available in English and Italian, and they would love more volunteers, to translate into other languages.

I have to say, with Apple liking to be seen as being at the forefront of technology, why haven’t they captioned all their videos? It’s not a technically difficult thing to do.



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11 04 2009

It’s the usual deaf-people-are-invisible problem.

Deaf people need to CONTACT apple and remind them we exist.

Otherwise, they assume we’re all like the kid in the cochlear implant commercial and can sing Feelings now.

11 04 2009
Jeremy Freeman

Have you seen

You can request free captions within 24 hours!! How they do it, I’ve no idea.

11 04 2009

Jeremy – thanks, useful to know. That’s a chargeable service however and I don’t agree with having to pay for a transcription when hearies get it for free.

Joseph – I will be complaining to Apple!

12 04 2009

Interestingly enough, Apple seems to be starting to learn, at least for some of their newer tutorial videos. Check out the one for iMovie:
You’ll need to click on the CC button, but yes, it’s actually there!

12 04 2009

Codeman38 – Super duper, thanks for that link!

12 04 2009
Jeremy Freeman

“Use a valid video URL. Videos should have English audio and should not exceed 5 minutes. The request is for free* English to English captions”

It’s free at Subply for under 5 minutes. Or have I missed something?

12 04 2009

I missed *that*!

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