Polycom business media phone

24 04 2009

Frances commented on my last post regarding the new Polycom phone which is fantastic for deaf people who use speech and lip read. I have reproduced her comment here as a post, to ensure that it is seen (rather than hidden in comments) as she made several excellent points. Thank you for these – I was unable to hear the video demonstration so you have helped massively.

Frances said –

There are a number of features on the Polycom VVX 1500 PBX/IP phone that interest me as a professional stenographer and lipspeaker. The big one is it time-stamps video and audio recording on an IP platform and that can be archived and retrieved on demand. It has been developed in a way that has considered the needs of deaf people and will not interfere with heaing aids. It has visual indicators if you have a video or voice mail and shows you how many. I have ordered a couple of phones for starters so that I can telework remotely with the public services. This phone is a real dream come true for STTRs, Captioners, court reporters, realtime voice writers, lipspeakers and interpreters. Stenographers have all been waiting for technology to catch up with what the possiblities are for remote unified communication. Our software can handle integration of video. We have audio already, but this is HD audio. This phone can stream content and interact with IP wireless devices and remote fixed HD video conferencing devices for unified interactive multipoint communication, the exciting bit is it is works on a Web 2 interactive platform, so is ready for interactive realtime applications and content that can be streamed to websites via a secure bridge and can interact with big screen multipoint video conferencing systems. Video phones are not new, but what this one can do is unique and will mean a lot of new services and products for deaf and hearing people available on a scale and at a price that will be make it a very disruptive technology.




One response

27 04 2009
Karen Putz

I use a Tandberg Z-150 for my videophone (I work for CSDVRS which distributes these phones) and I have to say it’s amazing how far the videophone industry has come in providing access to phones for deaf and hard of hearing people. I think we’re vastly under-utilizing the videophones in the workplace and in the next couple of years, we’ll see them everywhere.

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