Swine flu

13 05 2009

I have been wondering about the accessibility of information on swine flu to the deaf community.

Malcolm Bruce MP raised a question asking the Secretary of State for Health what provisions his Department will make to ensure that deaf and hearing-impaired people have access to the same information as hearing people in respect of the National Flu Helpline.

Dawn Primarolo (Minister of State (Public Health), Department of Health) replied:

The Swine Flu Information helpline is automated. It offers recorded information but no interaction with call handlers and is not therefore accessible to deaf or hearing impaired people. However, deaf and hearing-impaired people may access the same information through websites and a British Sign Language version of the swine flu information leaflet, available from the NHS Choices and Directgov websites from Thursday 14 May and on DVD from Wednesday 20 May.

Oh well, as long as we have an internet connection, we will be ok!
NHS : swine flu Q&A
Swine flu information leaflets in BSL
Swine flu in BSL

I like to keep checking the BBC’s outbreak map. It’s a fascinating little thing.



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13 05 2009

I understood that ALL households in U.K. would receive a leaflet about swine flu. I did! I and have also seen subtitles on the news on television.

14 05 2009

Great post. Thank you for sharing the link to BBC’s outbreak map.
In the US the Center for Disease Control has posted videos to YouTube and these have captions. I found out about them from a deaf blog. It’s good for us to look out for each other in these ways and share information as we get it.

14 05 2009

Hi, do you have links to these videos? I’ll post them here.

14 05 2009
14 05 2009

I can confirm that a leaflet would have been delivered to each address in the UK!

That was the job given to the Royal Mail.

14 05 2009

Whooooo! We’ve just received our leaflet – thank you RM!

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