Takie Piss

13 07 2009

Some subtitle mistakes are very funny. Apparently, the subtitle just before this one read: “Good Evening, I’m Piers Moron.”

Have you come across any funny ones?




5 responses

13 07 2009

‘Moron’ is the correct spelling 🙂 and Katie taking the piss is pretty accurate too…

13 07 2009

oh yes – there are some good ones out there!! I remember one that said “Windsor Castle burped” instead of “burned” – that really cracked me up!!

13 07 2009
Fintan Gaughan

I stopped finding it funny years ago… now its beyond a joke!

16 07 2009
Deafinitely Girly

Haha! this is brilliant!

26 07 2009
Ian Noon

My favourite one was when the man said something “Help yourself” and the subtitles reported it as:

“Help your elf’.

I suppose many of us are guilty of neglecting our elves…


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