Deaf people can do anything

17 07 2009

I love this video. It reminds me of a time at school when I was 17. One of my teachers said to me “You’ll never make it into university”. Not because I was thick or slow, but because I simply couldn’t hear my teachers. I didn’t have an interpreter or any type of communication aid so I was fighting hard. The teachers taught in English and my classmates would reply in Spanish, which didn’t help. I didn’t need to hear this sh*t as well. And from a teacher! Well, that made me mad. MAD AS HELL.

Mentally, I stuck two fingers up at her and I made it into not one, but 4 universities. I really do believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Deaf or not.

I’ve not been short on the skills either. I’ve worked in retail, law, accounting, teaching, careers consultancy, and have my own businesses. I’ve plenty of deaf friends who are accountants, entrepreneurs, teachers, lawyers….. they are all smart and sassy. They’re deaf. So what? I’d say to any person who is put down by someone else; believe in yourself and go grab your life with both hands. You deserve nothing less.




One response

20 07 2009

This is something I find hard to to. Can be hard on myself as always been made to feel useless from a kid in school, by other pupils not giving a chance to know ME. Sarah from Speak Up Librian gave me this link, to show me this post you written as encouragement for me what I plan to do. And what she thinks I’m good at, that I appreciate her comments for, but I’m to work on my confidence that I can do it.

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