Alleviate your tinnitus

20 10 2009


My tinnitus has been particularly bad for the last 2 years and it’s horrible. It’s as if I’m listening to a constant concert with a crap conductor. My audiologist has recommended I try a tinnitus retraining course and I’ve agreed to give it a go. If I get the go-ahead for the cochlear implant, the hole drilled into my head will very likely decrease my tinnitus or even make it disappear completely. But yeah, there is that hole in the head first. So I was very interested to hear about this particular tinnitus alleviation treatment.

A young company called Restored Hearing Ltd, based in Sligo Ireland, had their first major breakthrough with a competition project in sound therapy for tinnitus sufferers in 2009. They developed a therapy for temporary tinnitus sufferers, i.e. concert-goers or those who listen to an mp3 player.

They say “After one minute of our therapy 99% of the candidates that we tested said that their tinnitus was gone. The project received huge attention from tinnitus sufferers and sympathisers alike and we were fortunate enough to receive 2nd prize overall in the competition and to win an award for medical innovation too.”

Restored Hearing say their therapy can also provide some relief from tinnitus for those with hearing impairments. If you wear a hearing aid, they advise you take it out and wear the headphones. It will work – get this – even though you won’t be able to hear it.

This sounds like quack-a-doodle to me. I’m going to try this though, what harm can it do? Tempted? You’ll need €2.50, a pair of headphones, and internet connection to access the customised one-minute therapy session at Restored Hearing. If you fancy trying this therapy, do let us have your feedback. I’m all ears!!




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21 10 2009

I tried sound therapy for tinnitus in the early 90’s. Didnt work.

21 10 2009

I’ve never seen you mention a cochlear implant before? Are you considering that? I think it sounds pretty suspicious that a one minute therapy could make such amazing improvements. If you try it, let us know what happens.

21 10 2009

Yes – a CI might be on the way – go back a few posts 🙂

21 10 2009

Oops, my mistake. I was catching up on my blog reading and Liz just wrote about tinnitus on hers and I got the two of you confused. Sorry.

21 10 2009

No problem!

23 10 2009

Sounds a bit too good to be true to me. If you end up trying it. I’d be interested to see how you found it. All the best if you get your CI.

27 10 2009

My tinnitus has got bad again recently. I used to get it in twenties and then it stopped for about 10 years, now it’s back.

Will probably give this a try – for 2.50 it’s gotta be worth a shot.

Did you try it out?

27 10 2009

Not yet Steve. I’m going to ask my audiologist about this one.

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