Sounds – imagined and real

27 10 2009

This story illustrates the nightmare of tinnitus and noise sensitivity known as The Hum. Article after the jump with some interesting comments.

I find my best coping tactics with tinnitus have been a few painkillers and a nap, trying to be philosophical about it so I stay in a calmer frame of mind, having a low noise source to take away my mind’s focus on the tinnitus, and keeping busy so I am distracted. It’s always worth talking to your doctor and audiologist.



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27 10 2009
Dan Schwartz

Better Hearing Institute has a new blog section on state-of-the-art research into the causes of tinnitusand relief.

Specifically, read the thread entitled Neuromonics Oasis vs Hearing Aids for Tinnitus.

I highly recommend reading through this new work, as you can indeed get relief from tinnitus.

29 10 2009

Interesting that you say going for a nap helps. I’ve noticed that mine gets worse when I’m tired and a good night’s sleep definitely helps.

Wearing my aids seems to help a bit to – don’t know if that’s just the extra noise help to drown it out?

30 10 2009

I agree with the hearing aids being helpful, the distraction of external noise helps to mask the tinnitus, even if it’s just a TV on very quietly or background everyday sounds.

12 11 2009
Heather W

Hi am just wondering if a hearing aid would help mask my tinnitus, I would not need high amplification, as am registered hard of hearing. However, this changes depending on background noise, tirdness, stress.

I struggle with directional noise when walkng along and driving, to locate and recognise, car engines changes, ambulance sirens, house of office alarms. Plus people tend to tap you on the shoulder from behind, so I didnt see or hear there approach and as a consequence jump out of my skin:-)

Any ideas, advise would be appreciated. cheers

19 11 2009

Hi Heather, A hearing aid does help to distract your brain from the tinnitus, as there’s something for you to listen to. You could try a masker which you can get from your audiologist. Other than that, try having a radio or TV on and don’t let it stress you out. If it gets worse, that’s a sign you’re overly tired – a good excuse in my book for feet-up time with some chocolate and wine! 🙂

25 11 2009
Heather W

Thanks for all the ideas and advice. I will check out the masker idea, cheers for that.
By the way I decided to watch the CHildren in Need Rock music concert, from the Royal Albert Hall, it was very good. Although i discovered I couldnt sing along or keep up with new songs! ( Must sing be able along due to knowing the tune and words by memory rather than what I actually hear!!)So I rely on subtitles more than I realise in this instance. The subtitles are usless, dont keep up, write the wrong words etc, I wouldnt mind but it was a recorded programme that I saw and not trying to do subtitles “live”.:-( Have also given up on having subtitiles when watching F1 and other sport events, and rely on friends to fill in any gaps! Not ideal, I know.

Some idea on where to look for a small machine to applify the tv would be great and in the meantime, I will check out whats available via my social services.

Is there anything happening to improve subtitles for recorded programmes? Do let me know. Thanks again.

Tina I need to chat to you, can we organise a number email swap please!

8 12 2009

Ask Social Services for a loop and hook the TV up to it. You won’t be able to hear the doorbell when you do that but hey, who cares! When you’re watching TV, it’s “me” time! I had no idea subtitles were crap until a hearing person recently told me how bad they were. They leave so much out. There’s no way of improving subtitles except for campaigning. I don’t turn the sound up on the TV at all as I can’t stand all the noise I hear when the loop is on – I hate background music! – and I can’t stand the miserable bits of rubbish I hear without the loop.

To record subtitles, I use a hard drive digital TV recorder, see Ricability and subtitling for information. I watch all my TV through the recorder and have it set to automatic subtitles so I never have to faff about with subs on TV channel hopping or recording, it’s all already there. The only snag is, I keep recording programmes and never get time to watch them – I’ve now got a whole year’s worth of TV saved, waiting to be watched, believe it or not!

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