Cochlear implant update

5 11 2009



Which way shall my hearing go?

Left ear, right ear, brain in the middle.

Pick one, stick one, let the surgeon fiddle.


I am *allowed* to be silly after 10pm, surely!

Here’s an update on the CI roller coaster ride. I’ve had the CT scan and MRI scan, and completed all the hearing tests. The results are….

BKB (Bamford Kowal Bench) sentence tests

These tests are designed to test speech understanding through recognition of 3 or 4 key words in each sentence. About 40 sentences were spoken at 70db in a soundproof room and I had to listen and repeat each sentence. Then I was asked to lipread a man’s face – he had no expression at all which made me realise how important this it – it was much more difficult to lipread someone who had a deadpan expression!

Left ear 26%

Right ear 42%

Binaural 53%  (NICE cutoff is 50%)

  • Listening and lipreading;

Left ear 91%

Right ear 99%

Lipreading alone; 45%

Pure tone audiogram;

Left ear (decibels) 80, 100, 105, 110, 130
Left ear (hertz) 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000

Right ear (decibels) 65, 85, 110, 120, 140
Right ear (hertz) 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000

The medical team will have their meeting next week, to decide whether I can have a CI or not. Then I’ll go and meet them to be given the decision. I will be glad to finally find out what my options are.



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5 11 2009
Jeremy Freeman

That was a freaky image – will have nightmares now!

Good luck Tina, hope that you get the decision you want – if you ever need a good listener, I’ll lend you my ears…

Chat soon.

5 11 2009
Speak Up Librarian

I agree with Jeremy that image is nightmarish. Thanks for the update on your decision process regarding the cochlear implant. I’m sure it will be a relief to know the medical team’s decision. Wishing you all the best,

20 11 2009

good luck with your appointment 🙂

24 11 2009

Hope this works out for you, Tina (or am I too late — has the decision been made yet?). Best Wishes.

8 12 2009

Why do they make CI so damn ugly? with the wire and magnet attachment it takes me back to the days of when we had boxes and wires LOL!

8 12 2009

@Jeremy – thanks, I’ll probably bend your ear soon 😛

@Sarah & Tammy – I’ll find out on 16 Dec, will update then. They have asked me to go back and repeat a test as I had a borderline result (and was guessing!)

@Dale – thanks, decision was made on 11 November and I find out on 16 Dec

@Bluesky – I’m going to decorate it 🙂

27 02 2010

Hi, I’ve just come across your site and find your a Londoner too. Fantastic. My first post that I read of yours was about the CI surgery and the first few sentences you said ‘am I really deaf enough to need a CI?’. I paraphrased that a bit.

I’m curious only because I’m clinically defined as 50% deaf and from reading this post am I right is reading that your 53% deaf? I’m a hearing aid wearer from NHS hearing aids and I’ve got the best of the best they can supply me so I’m not really looking at CIs for me.

Just curious and would like to know more. I’m also wanting to learn BSL but can’t find a course less than £500 for a 12 week course. I’m not quite rich enough yet!

Thanks for sharing and writing this blog, I’m thinking of starting up my own in HoH, lipreading and body language.
Cheers me dears.

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