Video Relay Service scam

21 11 2009

A public service meant to help the hearing disabled has been exploited for “tens of millions of dollars,” according to the FCC. Arrests were made across the US this week and the FCC vowed to improve the service to better protect against fraud.

Article : Arrests made in massive, $390/hour Video Relay Service scam

Sigh. It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it? I’d like to see the scammers have their ability to hear removed. Let them see what it’s like for themselves!



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21 11 2009

Most of those 26 people that have been arrested are deaf or hard of hearing.

21 11 2009

Many of the people arrested were Deaf themselves. The others were sign language interpreters or worked for Deaf bosses.

22 11 2009

Got mugshot of 26 peoples?

22 11 2009

i want to see 26 pictures of them.. where do they come from? how much did they steal? deaf or hearing? etc… why not?

22 11 2009
Deaf Pixie

What? CBS archor did not say which one Deaf or Hearing person of Interpreter. I think it is very confusion for me to know if the person is deaf or HH.

22 11 2009
Deaf Pixie

Deaf Minnesotan,

How did you getting a correction about Deaf or Hard of Hearing arrested. I thought it was hearing interpreter?

22 11 2009

Both deaf and hearing were arrested. Exact number of each category hasn’t been clear. What this indicates is that greed knows no specific color, race, disability, etc etc etc. What this also indicates is that, other VRS is just as guilty (most are) but were lucky they didn’t get caught. Every taxpayer should be outraged. We all pay this surcharge on our phone bill or our pager bill. So, it’s every American that owns a phone, cell phone or pager that is getting ripped off big time. Yet at the same time, perhaps we need a better oversight over this VRS business because many deaf people need this services so that they can be independent in making calls rather than relying on their hearing relative, friends, neighbors to make the calls for them. I am not surprised that this happened, saw it coming. Many saw it coming.

23 11 2009

Sad it happen …No wonder there were been numbers of different VRS companies trying to capture my attention … Hope FCC will make it impossible to repeat again .. I know one of the scammer ..He is well-respected by the community ..Very brilliant man .. Now I look at him differently .. A Low class act …

24 11 2009

Dont Forget about FCC is from Our TAX too because 26 wrongest to steal money from FCC and that is hurt in our Subject about VRS etc.

One thing the truth is Sorenson VP – 200 ! Because they did been honest too.

24 11 2009

John Yeh is Deaf.

24 11 2009
dumbfire va

They were not smart enough how to run busniess….

24 11 2009

To Clarify you all! When there is a tragedy or corruption news ..The media have no right to label whether a person is deaf or not …And that apply to all .I agreed with that ! It protect our Deaf image to the general public … Only if you are curious to find out .. Then you have to do your personal search …
But what is the diffenrece that make .. They are all be charge for their wrong doing ….The court date is Dec 14 in New Jersey ….

3 12 2009

18 hearing people and 8 deaf Total

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