New hearing aid technology

2 12 2009

Canadians have invented a new hearing aid technology.

Hearing aids have come a long way since the trumpet. Current aids amplify sounds and are not ideal, they don’t give the wearer back their hearing, they just give some sound which might give the brain enough useful information to help decode incoming sounds.

A new type of hearing aid has now been developed by Vitasound. The neuro-compensator aid works in a different way. It has a microchip which transmits electrical signals to the brain, resulting in a more natural and complex sound signal. The neuro-compensator is based on the cochlear implant model, mapping the damaged areas of the ear and compensating for them.

I’ll be asking my audiologist about this. It looks a bit flaky. (I’m so cynical!) Further details available here.

It’s ironic that they didn’t think to caption the videos.




3 responses

4 12 2009

This sounds interesting 🙂

4 12 2009
This sounds interesting « Liz's HOH Blog

[…] 4, 2009 This sounds interesting on I Look So I Can Hear blog regarding a new hearing aid. Looks good […]

6 12 2009
Jeremy Freeman

I wish I could understand the technology behind it, and how it helps people (if it does) like us. Very annoying that the videos are not captioned. In fact I shall complain to them.

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