Deaf = not old and boring

11 02 2010

Check out this new hearing aid concept from Designaffairs Studio in Germany. It’s different, unique, and very refreshing. Perhaps too innovative for some, though. This hearing aid is plugged into a large hole in the earlobe. Eww. They have designed an additional plug to add extra amplification.

At least some designers are heading in the right direction, they have the right idea – hearing aids are not just for old people, are they?

The RNID have come out with some new figures. They said the current 9 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK will increase to 13 million by the year 2014, due to an ageing population and the iPod generation becoming deaf. Scary figures. I’m expecting hearing aid designs to be revolutionized. Hearing aid design today is all talk and no action.

My personal opinion – I love the idea but I would not want to put a big hole in my earlobe. I would happily wear as this as an earring though. Good for the girls, not so good for the boys.

Images: Designaffairs



12 responses

11 02 2010

I agree with you. Interesting idea but not for me.

11 02 2010

I think this is a great idea! I would love to wear these as I have gauged ears!

11 02 2010
Dan Schwartz

It looks like he has an asshole in his ear…

12 02 2010

Same with me. Looks good but not for me.
But I have seen men and women with their ears pierced to wear earrings that look like this. Ouch!

13 02 2010
Fintan Gaughan

Problem is that the aging population wants discrete hearing aids and most are embarrassed to be seen wearing them so they are left in back of drawers.
I have been given digital hearing aids puzzled to why the on and off switch not there i asked audiologist why.
Her reply is to make hearing aids small and compact as possible removing the on off switch makes it smaller. in order to turn it off is open battery compartment.
She said that most are embarrassed and maybe seeing it a little smaller would encourage them to wear them.
Me i want functionality over design but because the RNID encourage over 55’s to have hearing checks and the audiology department is now overstretched which puts the people who already born deaf or hard of hearing in the minority so we dont have any say in all this.

14 02 2010

Its what to do with a flappy lobe when you are 78 lol

15 02 2010

Try running with them and they will be flapping like mad..reminds me of dumbo jumbo LOL

15 02 2010

The holes probably help with the aerodynamics! lol

17 02 2010

Watched Aprocalypto the other night, could have sworn I saw one of these aids featured…lol

19 02 2010

I remember seeing a window display in Germany somewhere. A railway station concourse- anyway it had covers for Siemens hearing aids that were covered in enamelware and jewels. I so wanted one. Maybe I will get some stones and glue them to my aid.

Fintan you post sounds rather ageist. Sounds like you are saying that all those old people are hindering your access to audiology and the aids that you want to have. Why should people who lose their hearing earlier in life have more say than older people? Making hearing aids is a commercial venture, the companies are going to make what will sell.

27 02 2010
Dan Schwartz

Finton: Most hearing aids are now available in a multitude of colors — Just ask.

26 04 2011
Julian Romero

This is such a waste of time and money. The target market for this particular hearing aid design must be so small (hearing impaired, ears pierced, willing to stretch their ear lobes).

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