Deaf sailing

13 06 2010

A Deaf Sailing UK member will be sailing his own Laser Stratos at 10am on Sunday 27th June at Queen Mary Sailing Club for up to 3 or 4 hours.

Please put down your name with Mike Aston on and DSUK will arrange a fleet of Laser Statros, Bahia or Laser 2000 to hire from the club for you to sail. If there is more than 12 or 15 people, there shall be four or five boats for the whole session from 10 am to 2pm. DSUK will negotiate the special price with the club.

Members can sign and lip read, so no need to worry about communication!

You can bring friends / partners to the clubhouse where they can watch the full view of all the boats on the reservoir. Queen Mary Sailing Club can lend out some life buoyancy from its own hiring facility. Usually, they charge £8 for wetsuit gear and £2 for Buoyancy Aid /Harness, but they are free with their boat hire.

The club already have three Oylmpic hopefuls lined up for 2012 – Andrew Mills, 21, who sails in the Finn with three time Olympic gold medalist Ben Ainslie, and Oscar McVeigh, 17, and George Spedding, 15, who are both in the national junior teams. The club operates one or two RIBs on the water to observe all the boats there.

Come and meet other deaf sailors! The event is also on Facebook – join the DSUK Facebook group to be informed of future sailing sessions and social events.

Deaf Sailing UK website




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