Adam’s cochlear implant and his helmet play football!

17 06 2010

Adam Strecker received his football helmet a few weeks ago, adapted for his cochlear implant.

He has a Twitter page which he will update during the football season so people can follow his progress and how he is getting on with his helmet.

If you have any questions, you can post them on his Twitter page.





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18 06 2010
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[…] Adam’s cochlear implant and his helmet play football! « I look so I can hear…. […]

30 08 2010
Jamie Curtis

Hi Adam! Not sure how old this article is but I have a son named Evan who was born profoundly deaf and recieved his first CI when he was 18 mo. old. He is now a very active 12 yr. old boy who loves sports. He wants to play tackle FB and Im not sure if he would need a special helmet to protect his head? Would love to know more of your story. Thanks so much Adam

Jamie L. Curtis

31 08 2010

Hi Jamie
The article was written on 17 June 2010. I’d suggest you contact Adam via his Twitter account – you can send a private message.

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