New website for hard of hearing

20 07 2010

Dear Auntie Tina

I would like some suggestions on what I can design or put on my website that people who are hard of hearing might like to see. This isn’t a business venture more of a personal desire. I’m lifelong hearing aid user and recent cochlear implant in one ear.


Hi Patty

The best thing is probably your life experiences and observations! Everyone has stories to tell, which often help or inform others.  I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences as I’ve been a lifelong hearing aid wearer myself and my cochlear implant was switched on 4 months ago. I’m considering wearing my hearing aid in my other ear again, but keep putting this off. The cochlear implant and hearing aid are so different, what I hear through them is a world apart, it’s a tough thing to wear both at the same time.

Let us know what your website url is when it’s up and running. Looking forward to a good read!





4 responses

23 07 2010

I can agree with that, life experiences and observations. Maybe also reading deaf blogs too. I look forward to this new website.

28 07 2010

You are right Liz, I suggest you need to Take your time to get used to your hearing aid.

4 08 2010
kerry bond

Hello there my name is Kerry Bond I have two brand new digital hearing aids and they are brilliant they are helping me to move on with my life to diffrenet places it took me a while to get use to them . I have a built in loop believe me me you are in a world of your own when you switch on the loop nothing eles matters.I play piano and keyboard since the age of 14 i am now 38 years old anyone have some questions i will try my best to help get in touch soon all the best kerry.

10 08 2010
Hearing Aids Sydney

It is great to read some of the information and feedback, here. I hope to read more ideas in the future!!!

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