The ring tone to end all ring tones

2 08 2010


A new mobile phone has been released, the Amplicom M6000, with an unbelievable ring tone of 110 decibels – as loud as a pnuematic drill. This is one sure way to get noticed! Yet another cause of hearing loss in this noisy world of ours?

This phone is M4/T4 compatible, offering the highest level of compatibility for hearing aids and cochlear implants. One of the features I am not keen on is it’s sensor which can be set to automatically dial 999 if you fall over. I do a lot of falling over!

You can find out more here.




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2 08 2010

I saw that report and two things struck me. Firstly the ringer is ridiculously loud. I am surprised that they are allowed to have this level of volume as it is above the industrial scale of permitted noise. In theory anyone around this thing should have to wear ear defenders!

Secondly although it is above my threshold of hearing I probably would not hear it. Why not?
Well I will bet that it is a high-pitched beep. I don’t have any hearing at all above 1000Kc’s so unless this thing has the pitch of the Queen Mary’s siren then I won’t hear it!
That would apply to anyone else with high frequency hearing loss. No mention is made in the specs. of the frequency of the ringer so clearly someone has thought … deafness … let’s make it loud!
But loud doesn’t work in every case. I can stand in front of a madly ringing fire alarm bell and hear nothing. [shrugs]
It seems to be an example of not-very-well-thought-through technology. We get this all the time, innit?

2 08 2010

It has a look of Amstrad all over it. And with the 999 sensor on falling over, it screams ‘Age Concern.’ lol

2 08 2010
Ste (sirgarg)

It looks a nice phone but its technology in keeping up with other phones that we’d like…Internet?
Its been mentioned by some I know that technology in the Vibrate facility would be a better direction..being the centre of attention when your phone goes off at 110 decibels isn’t my cuppa char..

Oh, and don’t drop it…It calls 999 everytime?

2 08 2010

Who needs the vuvuzela lol The RNID markets an amplified telephone at a staggering 145db output, which is surely breaking the health and safety laws… I suppose the logic is deafen ’em a bit quicker or something…. Is there not a direct link between excessive amplification and hearing deterioration ? I thought the old approach to make things LOUDER so we can hear things was wrong on a clinical level ? Until we get the right to sue manufacturers who make these things they are just creating more people with even worse hearing loss. The ipod people in America just laughed at us, and there seems no end to the noise equipment is making. There should be a db limit law in the UK to prevent the import of these things. Currently they say over 80db is unacceptable…but not a single case has been brought.

2 08 2010

Oy… wouldn’t want that to go off in the middle of a meeting!

3 08 2010

It would be inserted somewhere rather painful I think.

5 08 2010

Now I have to figure out how to hook a bunch of them up, waterproof the lot and and link them to a perimeter burgler alarm system. Then I can dismiss the Night Guard and his vuvuzelas for once and all.

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