Phone call #3

12 08 2010


I picked up the phone and made a call to Michéle. I had asked her to tell me what she’d had for dinner each day of the week. Not having to be truthful, you understand (Michéle has a far nicer diet than this one!). After our call, she emailed me and summarized as follows –

You did FABULOUSLY!!!!

Food that I have had this week:

1.       On Sunday I had roast beef and potatoes

2.       On Monday I had pasta and salad. (you weren’t sure of pasta but you got it right second time).

3.       On Tuesday I had pizza and a coke.

4.       On Wednesday I had spaghetti bolognaise.

5.       On Friday I had fish and chips.

I started off ready fairly fast as I read on your blog that when I stretched the words it was harder so today I did not. (That happens to me too… harder with stretched out words).

The only word out of them all that you didn’t get was coke BUT you got it nearly right by saying cake. The similarity there is very CLOSE  (coke/cake) so in all honesty you pretty much got hundred percent.

You said at the end have a good lunch!! And so I will because you are amazing!!

Awwww. She reminds me of my speech therapist Liz – so keen for me to ‘get it’ and so enthusiastic that she makes me want to try again, even if it’s hard.




2 responses

15 08 2010

Thats brilliant!

16 08 2010
Speak Up Librarian

You are doing great!

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