Phone call #7

25 08 2010

We decided to do….. NUMBERS! Well, we didn’t decide … I was pushed! Here’s feedback from the ever helpful Michele;

Hiya Tina as expected I thought you would have trouble with the numbers it was also difficult for me – BUT still you did better than me when I started, so take heart!

You heard the numbers spoken but trying to remember them is another issue altogether, particularly long telephone numbers. This is because you will need to work on your auditory memory, which has not been in much use (if at all).

If I had lipread those numbers to you, you would likely have remembered them in sequence, but because you are using voice only and no lipreading, information is coming in via another pathway into your brain….so another session of work for you to work on.

Later (much later) we can do short recipes in sequence (important to get sequence right!) which was also difficult for me. I could remember it if it was lipread to me, but with no lipreading I was totally flummoxed, can’t crack the eggs last can we????…gotta go in sequence or you’ll mess the cake!! Lol!!

Telephone numbers within a sentence – you will hear the numbers but you may have difficulty recalling them in sequence (particularly if the number is longer)….this was the hardest part of my rehabilitation!

In the end I just read out the numbers only… you got the first bit right or the last bits right but not altogether. But its damn good for first attempt!

Michele had called me on the landline first, the line was crackly and her voice wasn’t loud enough for me to catch it. We switched over to the mobile and that was much clearer and louder. I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the call  as I just couldn’t remember all the numbers. I could hear them fine, but repeating them back was so tricky!




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25 08 2010

We have been talking about Bluetooth in See Hear. I don’t know if the CI aids will work with Bluetooth but the advantages are many.

25 08 2010

Oh I have a bluetooth device to go with my CI, it works just fine. I got the Geemarc CL Bluehook Bluetooth headset from Connevans.

I prefer the direct input lead – the sound quality is better.

25 08 2010

Which program slot do you use for this?

25 08 2010

@Elaine: I use IDR 70, 100% Tmic, ClearVoice medium. I use this as my everyday program and don’t need to change anything for the phone.

I tried the phone with my 3rd program – that’s IDR 70, 50% Tmic and ClearVoice high. The voice is a bit too quiet with this program.

25 08 2010

How are you finding the new IDR range increase from 60 to 70? Do you find the increase ok or prefer the good old fashion 60? I ask because I’ve not had the IDR increased to 70 for t-mic, only have IDR 70 for bte-mic (I use bte-mic for windy days as I don’t hear the wind then).

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