Phone call #9 : FAIL

3 09 2010

PhotobucketThe phone lines seemed to be bad today. I couldn’t hear Michele on the mobile, then switched to landline. That was worse. I tried the landline again but it was still crackly. I have a Geemarc screenphone which I am guessing isn’t built for great audio quality.

I tried the mobile again. Then I had a thought. I checked my cochlear implant setting and it was set to 50% microphone instead of 100%.

I had felt sensitive to sounds this morning so had switched to the reduced microphone when taking the underground. I had then forgotten to switch back to 100%!

I tried the mobile again. Michele still didn’t make much sense and I was getting really confused. It has been a long time since I spoke to her on the phone and this sort of thing does need to be done regularly – weekends included. I need to ramp up a gear with my phone practice!

Michele thinks I did cool considering I haven’t spoken for a long time over the phone with her. (this is a big factor….) Michele’s sentences were;

1. I love camping in the Summer.
2. My favourite part of camping is the BARBECUES.
3. I hope that my AIR MATTRESS stays up.
4. I have a SIX man tent. It is big.

The capitalised words are the ones I got. More practice needed! All this rehab is really quite hard work.




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4 09 2010
Catherine Mellor

I had a similar experience yesterday. I kept thinking that all my wonderful equipment, CI and FM were doing a miserable job letting me hear the voice of my tutee in a noisy room. I didn’t discover until the day was done, that I forgot to turn on my t-coil. Geez. I was tired already, and on the way to the car, tripped over a root and skinned my knees and hands like a little kid.
Today was good though. One of my classes is designed around the group experience, a design that has been the bane of my existence. Today with the t-coil properly switched on, and low expectations, yes, I said low expectations, I came away from that group feeling like a million dollars. I was able to contribute something, and I was also able to hear a lot of what the others had to offer. This is going to be fun!

4 09 2010

Catherine, you brought tears to my eyes! You’re doing so well!

4 09 2010
Catherine Mellor

It’s a feeling of pure and smug satisfaction! A yeah baby! But actually I didn’t come back to say this, I came back because I forgot to check the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” I wish that were done automatically when I comment on your postings, actually when anyone does.

4 09 2010

There is an RSS feed button above the blog stats. I’m not sure if that’s for comments as well though, and not even sure how to sign up for it!

5 09 2010
Catherine Mellor

I have seen that little RSS feed button, and when I click on it, all I see is a stream of websites and comments, and it is just a stream. Very hard to read, and no links to anything. Can’t figure out why anyone would want to use it.

5 09 2010

There is a way of using it …. I go brain dead when I look at that too! Can any readers advise?

6 09 2010

Click on the red feed button. It brings up page of name of this blog your subscribing to.

Click where it says subscribe to this feed.

This will then bring up a little box with I look so I can hear. Underneath it says feeds. All you need to do is click subscribe, and it’s done.

You will find the feeds on your computer, by clicking Favourites tab, then click onto feeds. When writing is in bold, it’s because it’s a new feed and you have not read it. Just click onto it, to read the latest.

Hope this helps.

6 09 2010

Thank you Liz! 🙂

6 09 2010
Catherine Mellor

Not working for me, sorry. Either not getting anything at all, or getting same stream of websites and comments. Sorry, but could you be more specific? Thank you!

6 09 2010

Your experience with this phone call is typical of me on a _GOOD_ day! Your are progressing wonderfully. Keep up the practice.
As far as the RSS I’m not much help. I have enough clutter coming in on my bb as it is. I just remember to check your blog whenever I browse with the bb.

6 09 2010
Catherine Mellor

My browser needed this extension which I got from going to the above site. Took a second to download it, and now I see the “subscribe to this feed” like Liz suggested! Also realized that I wasn’t doing the copy-paste routine when the email came in after I requested notification. All’s well now, and have a good day all.

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