Specsavers honours Roger Hewitt

28 09 2010


The lovely Roger Hewitt was the winner of Specsavers’ Sound Barrier Star Awards. Well deserved, I say!

The Sound Barrier Star Awards is a joint initiative between Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Specsavers Hearing Centres to find heroes who are deaf or have a profound hearing loss. The awards celebrate those who have achieved great things and proved to be a great inspiration to others.

Roger has been deaf since he was six. He’s done so much good work for deaf people. He now volunteers for the charity Deaf Access and works for the UK Council on Deafness. He is also a trustee and advocate with Action for Deafness and a consultant with SignHealth and St Andrew’s Healthcare in Northampton. Busy man!

I’ve known Roger for years and years. I first met him at Deafax, where we were working to help empower deaf people to get back into work. He always teases me when he sees me, telling me he’s really David, not Roger. (David is his twin brother) Wicked!



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29 09 2010

I met Roger about 5 years ago… a lovely man! He does very much deserve this honour.

There are always people who briefly walk into your life for a few hours and out again, one of those few very special people who leave you with a positive outlook and hope, and the one’s you’ll always remember….made me all the richer for having met him.

30 09 2010

He was in my class at school. I always remember that one day Roger said he wanted to be a photographer when he left school.
Well the funny thing was I eventually became a photographer and I often wondered if Roger had done that too.

4 10 2010
Roger Hewitt

In fact I worked for ICI (Now Astra Zeneca) in photography straight from school.

4 10 2010


Well done Roger!

4 07 2014
Nicoletta Gagliardi

Dear Roger! What a nice person you are…so many memories during my English holidays with your family!

5 07 2014

Hi Nicoletta,
I certainly remember you, although it must be all of 20 years now since we last met.

Warmest wishes

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