London: Den of thieves?

12 10 2010

Although I love living in London, sometimes I wish I didn’t when something like this happens.  One of my stenographers (CART) had all her equipment stolen a few days ago. It’s of no use to anyone else and therefore has no resale value – unless the thief happens to be a court reporter (yeah, riiiight) or a lightning fast typist who can use a phonetic keyboard and blitz out 250 words a minute. Highly unlikely!

I’m livid. She was stripped of her means to make a living. It’s almost new. It’s the queen of steno machines, and not cheap either. She lost her laptop, steno machine, vocabulary key which has taken her years to build up, her bag, the lot.

Countless deaf people have been deprived of a speech to text service, essential to their working lives. There are only 25 registered speech to text reporters in the UK so stealing someone’s machine is just not on. Why couldn’t the thief have returned it once they realised it wasn’t anything of value to them? Some people have no shame.

We’re keeping an eye on ebay. It’s quite distinctive as it’s a pale blue colour – most steno machines are black. If anyone sees a blue Diamante stenograph machine in the street in the London Euston area, please let me know. It disappeard from a pub called O’Neils. There is a photo of a Diamante machine after the jump and you can also see it in the video above.

Please, ask your stenographer to ensure she has full insurance for her equipment. It’s just not worth the stress!




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14 10 2010
Catherine Mellor

How absolutely infuriating! I am going to send this story out to all the captioners I know. What they do is absolutely mysterious to me, so few keys to do anything with, and no markings on the keys, but it works, and they are priceless. I just hope the machine can be recovered, because as you say, they have their database built up.

14 10 2010

There are surveillance cameras all over London.

14 10 2010

There certainly are! It’s a shame the police told her to look at the cameras herself, but the pub wouldn’t let her look. Stuck!

14 10 2010
Catherine Mellor

I don’t understand this. If the police told her to look at the cameras, why won’t they at least subpoena the film or DVD’s? I wonder if there is a possibility of bring suit to the pub or wherever it was the stuff was taken?

BTW, Tina, I have tried using your email option under ‘share’ to send this to the captioners I know and apparently I have to send it to one friend at a time? I am a slow typist, and carefully inserted the names I wanted into the space provided only to be told, email not sent, check your email addresses! Grrrrr! I put semicolons between each address.

14 10 2010

No idea, Catherine. I guess the police have too much to do. We don’t bring suits in such situations here, it’s not the way things work. Public places absolve themselves of liability for theft by posting notices saying they are not liable.

That’s a shame about the share link, sorry you had that hassle! It’s part of this software and I guess that is how it works, one email at a time – how annoying!

14 10 2010

That is plain stupid. Seriously, couldn’t they simply have taken the laptop/cash and left the rest? Idiots. And the police should help! It’s THEIR job to investigate a robbery!

The trash bins in the vicinity of the pub should be checked. Usually robbers don’t go far with their loot if the equipment are cumbersome, especially if they are on foot. And they usually trash what they don’t deem valuable or don’t know what it is they have stolen.

14 10 2010
Catherine Mellor

That is a good point Rashed. I know I have done that after something of mine has been pilfered, that is, checked the waste bins, etc. Still keeping my fingers crossed for your CART, Tina.

14 10 2010

Rashed, what are the police like in Kuwait? Here, there is a TON of red tape, not enough police officers, and too much crime. There is an interesting twitter feed active just for one day (today – until Friday 5am, 15 October), the police in Manchester twittered the calls they received today. They were getting around 3 calls a minute. Details of Twitter feed are here or check Twitter @gmp24

Yep, waste bins and the area were checked.

14 10 2010

Horrifying! I am so sorry for her: the sheer, mean, spiteful, senseless idiocy that is behind this kind of thievery. It’s like foxes breaking into a chicken run and killing chickens just because they can.

16 10 2010

Well for a Nanny State that puroprtedly has nearly every square inch under surveillence this is a piss poor outcome.
The pub refuses to let anyone look at the cameras? well get the Deaf and HOH community to BOYCOTT the place. Make some noise.
The Police tell her to look through the street camera film herself? Disgusting.
I’ll bet if someone had said that machine was actually an IRA bomb- it would be found within 30 minutes.
Priorities. They are screwed.
Where I live, if something is not locked, bolted or tied town, it’s gone. Guranteed.
It’s a sad state of affairs.
I hope the machine is found.

17 10 2010
Catherine Mellor

Some of you have expressed indignation against the crooks. But after all, they are scoundrels and what can you expect from them? What I feel indignant about is the refusal to let her look through the security film. Good lord, these are the good guys? What are they thinking? Just what are the cameras for?

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