TAG takes deaf telephone relay services campaign online

20 10 2010

TAG wants to hear from you!

The campaign to enable deaf and hard-of-hearing people to access the telephone as easily and at the same price as hearing people has gone online to reach a wider audience.

Anyone can find out more about the campaign on the new TAG website, on Facebook and on Twitter @DeafTAG. There is information about the newer types of relay services that ought by now to be widely available in the UK, case studies of the telecoms needs of deaf people, hints on how to contact and lobby MPs, latest campaign developments and much more.

Ruth Myers, Chairman of TAG, said: “We are taking the campaign to bring deaf telecoms into the 21st century online so that more deaf and hearing people will understand the issues and start lobbying their MPs for the changes that we so badly need. We are providing lots of campaign information online and giving people the chance to air their views and needs.

“We want to hear from deaf individuals who are frustrated through not having access to modernised relay services because of availability and/or cost. And we also want to hear from hearing people who also want to benefit from being able to contact deaf family, friends, colleagues and customers via the new types of relay that need to be made available in the UK.

“From being one of the leaders in deaf telecoms, the UK is now lagging behind many other countries where services like video relay and captioned relay are readily available at no extra cost to users. The UK urgently needs to catch up and give deaf and hard of hearing people a fair deal.

“TAG is very grateful to Geemarc for sponsoring the website. Any other organisation or individual who can contribute to the Campaign is very welcome to contact us!”

TAG is a consortium of the main UK deaf organisations concerned with electronic communications and is campaigning for improved electronic communications for deaf, deafened, hard-of-hearing, and deafblind people, and sign language users.

Follow TAG on TAGFacebook and Twitter @DeafTAG.

Media Contact
Stephen Fleming at Palam Communications
t 01635 299116
e sfleming@palam.co.uk



3 responses

22 10 2010

Sigh. I remember the good old days when the Uk was leading deaf comms. Mind you it was a heck of a long time ago. CeeFax was the start of the info revolution. Then minicom- but hardly anyone had them- Before cells I used a paging service and people would call into the service which answered like well, like an answering service, you know you give out a phone number to a complete stranger and pretend that’s your private number… and I’d get a text on the good old motorola. Good times. Good expensive times. It costs so damn much to communicate.
While things could now be a lot better in the UK, I still say its nothing like the USA, and certainly nothing like where I now live. Where I live is the worst.
Smoke signals from hilltops is regarded as progress for the deaf here. Oh and they bill you for the wood to make the smoke too.

23 10 2010

Wirklich Nice! i like it! Wo ist denn der Facebook-Like-Button 😉 Matthias

15 11 2010
Hearing Protection

I read this post and I really liked it. Its good to know that TAG takes deaf telephone relay services campaign online. My cousin is deaf and he usually takes part any kind of survey which is related to deaf and ear diseases. He is also member of one of the organisation which provides medicare and hospitality to poor people. Well, its true that things couldn’t be better in UK states but still people are trying to make it improve.

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