The world’s first invisible hearing aids

21 11 2010

I spotted this hearing aid, the iSync, which claims it is the world’s first invisible hearing aid, going deeper into the ear canal than a CIC hearing aid (Completely in Canal).  This aid fits a moderately severe hearing loss and it removes background noise so you can hear speech more clearly in noisy places. Sounds great!

Steve tested the iSync out, you can read the detailed account here, and how he feels about the iSync here.  I understand how Steve feels about pushing the iSync deep into his ear canal – I once had an audiologist push the cotton block deep into my ear canal before inserting resin for the  ear mould impression, he went a bit too far and it hurt like billy-o.

It’s great to see someone so happy with their hearing aid. Quality of life is priceless, really.

(So sorry the iSync video is not captioned!)

Phonak also supply the Lyric which stays in your ear canal for up to four months. They market as the contact lens for your ear. It is available on subscription and your hearing care specialist replaces it every 4 months for you. Easy peasy. If you are interested, just fire off a request to Phonak and they’ll tell you where to find your nearest hearing care professional.  If you live in the USA, check out their US website where you can obtain a trial of the Lyric.If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, you can take part in a free clinical study and try out the latest technology.

You can watch a short video of the Lyric here.



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21 11 2010
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21 11 2010
Catherine Mellor

A good read, and it sounds like they deliver the goods. I especially like the remote control bit with the telephone. I notice that this one is only available in UK? Many of my USA cousins are experiencing hearing loss in their advanced ages and I would like to tell them this is possible.

1 06 2012

how can we who live in africa; specifically Nigeria, have accesses to this type of instrument?

1 06 2012

Hi Seun
I don’t know anything about your health system in Nigeria. I would think the best thing would be to approach a local audiologist, ear clinic, or hearing aid centre. They would be able to help you.

21 11 2010

Yeah, I’d be worried about it getting lost in there… I see some ITC models that have a tiny cord to pull them out. And what if that cord breaks loose? Yikes!

21 11 2010

@Catherine I came across the Lyric by Phonak today and added that to the post. It’s available in the US.

@Joe I’m sure they use super-duper strength nylon, something unbreakable!

22 11 2010

Very interesting. My father also suffered a rather severe hearing loss. He could not hear the conversation on TV even though he uses a hearing aid. What this tool can help my father?
Can I get it in Georgia? Thank you…

14 12 2010

Very interesting. I will have to look further into this. For years all of the hearing aid companies have been trying to create an “invisible” hearing aid, looks like this time they’re coming even closer, or are already there. Thanks for the interesting and exciting news.

14 12 2010

I watched the video and found it quite interesting, I also found this product on the Ascent Hearing Care website which looks good.

16 12 2010
Better hearing

Thanks for the posting the information on Lyric’s invisible hearing aid. The website goes into why a Lyric can give you better hearing and sound quality. It goes over the placement, occlusion effect and reduced feedback among many other benefits.

1 06 2012

i’ve seen all these specialists and recommended hearing aids which i’ve bought. – behind the ear and the other one like a pocket radio. I don’t usually
use them becauce of the b
urden of carrying them arround. I’d like the one here if it can be ordered for

9 10 2012

iSync from AudioSync is a common platform product that is being shared by all five Starkey Group companies — Starkey Laboratories, NuEar, MicroTech, AudioSync, and Audibel under different names.
The way you went from iSync to Lyric suggests that iSync is a Phonak product, which is not true.

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