How subtitles are made for TV

14 02 2011



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14 02 2011

That’s a great video, I’ve always wondered what process was being used to create subtitles. I’m kinda surprised they use respeaking, I thought they’d be typing the words in – that would sort out the problem of the Spanish names.

Can’t grumble with the BBC though, they have the best quality subtitles out there.

14 02 2011

They used to have stenographers key in the words (they use shorthand), they switched to reduce costs.

15 02 2011

Can we now have a SEE HEAR item on “How subtitler’s are unable to spell… ” ? I’m getting bored guessing what they are typing.

15 02 2011
Richard Mason

Hi there,
most impressed with the new cochlea implant for two ears, WOW!

i understand there is another type of implant for the ear, where as if it dont help your hearing it can be removed without damageing what little hearing you already have,
do you know anything about it?

thanks if anyone can help

Richard M

15 02 2011

@Richard Yes – I will blog about that implant shortly!

11 03 2011

Heh. You should see the subtitles on some of those Pirate DVD movies flooding the East. The picture quality and audio is great in many cases, but the very very worst experience is when a character in a movie says something and a single subtitle appears; then the characters carry on talking and the next subtitle appears maybe 10 minutes later. The awful thing about the translaters not speaking english is when they actually make up the subtitles. I kid you not. The movie then reads like a whole string of gibberish. These Dvd’s come mostly from Thailand and Indonesia.

22 07 2011

This is a very good video. Hope to see more next time! Thank you very much, Mathias

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