Update on NICE guidance for cochlear implants in UK

24 05 2011

NICE reviewed the guidance for cochlear implants (TA166) very recently and you can read the outcome after the jump. To paraphrase;

Review of TA166; Cochlear implants for severe to profound deafness in children and adults

The planned date for review of the above guidance was February 2011.

This is the date at which the Institute decides whether sufficient new evidence has emerged for the Appraisal Committee to be asked to undertake a full review appraisal.

Having re-run the search strategy from the original assessment report the Institute has not found any relevant additions to the evidence base that would have a material effect on the guidance. The newly identified evidence is not likely to change the current guidance. Consequently, we propose that the original guidance should be transferred to the static list.

Topics on the static list may be transferred back to the active list for further consideration if new evidence becomes available that is likely to have a material effect on the last guidance issued.

In order to be completely confident that this is appropriate, we are asking all relevant consultees and commentators, to inform us of any evidence which would suggest that a review would be beneficial.  Please see appendix A for a full list of the organisations we have contacted.

Appendix A: Provisional matrix of stakeholders

Appendix B: Proposal paper presented to the Institute’s Guidance Executive

All the information from the review is in the links above. I was disappointed to note they are not going to review the BKB test either.




3 responses

25 05 2011
Paul Toovey

I was referred for a cochlear implant on 5th february 2008 (as far as records say)
and my local PCT initially refused finding for my cochlear implant.. anyway rolling on the clock, the guidelines come out somewhere 2009-2010 or whatever. it was not until THEN that i could have a cochlear implant!
I finally had the operation on 27th April 2011 (over 3 years later!!) and my activation day is indeed tomorrow which is tomorrow but i am annoyed with mmy local primary care trust for delaying it plus i have met someone who works for my clocal primary care trust (it was a deaf group i used to go to) and she was rude! that was before i was even referred for a CI. but im happy now but am stuck if my other ear deteriates and in need of an implant.

31 05 2011

Cochlear Implants in Children in children is not a temporary treatment it’s a long term manufacturer commitment and so There are four manufacturers are working on it. Three of them are FDA approved and FDA approval is necessary for that device which is implant able in human body for international check and balance. In so many developing countries proper check and balance is not available properly and patients cannot decide right device for their patients. For example MXM is a company, producing cochlear implant with the name of Neurelec, which is not FDA approved and have lower quality than any other implants available in the market and they don’t have any back up. They are selling their device with high margin as equal to any leading brands for example Neurelec is equal to MED-EL Combi40+ ( MED-EL’s old cochlear implant ) Neurelec offering price in so many countries is USD 24000/- but MED-EL’s latest implant SONATA ti 100 price is USD 24000/-
In Middle East some patients were implanted with Neurelec but they are still in trouble and they move to Egypt mostly for the fixing trouble shooting which is a problem for implanted patients.
Same like Middle East few patients were implanted in Pakistan they are still in trouble and the related Audiologist( Working in the Govt. Hospital also) how is the representative of Neurelec in Pakistan is still untrained and not doing proper mapping or trouble shooting now the Neurelec implanted children are facing so many problems in Pakistan while Audiologist in located ib Shadman Lahore is making money.

Neurelec external part DG SP’K for Kids and DG SP for Adults, after implanted a Neurelec implant to the child parent has to purchase another External Part DG SP which cost approximately USD. 6000/- and for patients its very difficult to buy this one.
Others new cochlear implants are upgradeable with out surgery according to new future development while Neurelec has no quality of up gradation.
Neurelec does not support new sound coding strategies
Neurelec with rechargeable battery system 20.51g
Neurelec with 675 battery system 12g

So my respected friends be careful from the such cochlear implants and such type of untrained Audiologists.

31 05 2011

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