My Song

12 06 2011

This film demonstrates how I felt growing up, with no one understanding my communication needs. I was given a FM radio system for school and told to get on with it. My social needs were totally disregarded. I know too well, the farce of pretending to understand what’s being said, then being told by my family ‘You can hear perfectly well when you want to’. Being unable to sign, I wasn’t part of a deaf culture either – heck, I didn’t even KNOW such a thing as a deaf culture existed. When I first got to know other deaf people, through Friends for Young Deaf People, the other young deaf people told me that I’m not deaf as I didn’t sign (oh, the irony!).  I just felt so stuck between the deaf and the hearing.  It’s bad enough when hearing people don’t understand and won’t meet you halfway, but when deaf people won’t meet you halfway either, that’s a real kick in the teeth. Deaf people who won’t accept you as a deaf person and deaf people who say you shouldn’t be using sign language – both are reprehensible. We’re all entitled to acceptance and to communicate in our chosen way.

Now that I can sign (not fluent though), lipread and hear, I can live my own life in my own way. I have great friends from both cultures – who can hear, lipread, and sign – and I wouldn’t change this for anything.

Thanks to Billy and Charlie for giving us another blinder!




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12 06 2011

I too related with this programme, even though I can sign like yourself I am not fluent enough. It was a great show that reflected the both sides of the world!

12 06 2011
Amy Cohen Efron

I love this video and thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. I was a sentimental fool and I was in tears watching this show. Excellent short film!

12 06 2011

You’re not being sentimental …. this film hits so close to home. I shed a tear too 🙂

12 06 2011
Catherine Mellor

Even though I could get along much better with my two HA’s by the time I got my implant, and my present understanding of the hearing world is worlds beyond hers, I am speaking as a 63 year old. And I am speaking as a blinded-with-tears, 63-year-old, because I can never outrun my past.

12 06 2011
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12 06 2011
switching teams

thanks so much for posting this. I am going to put it on my facebook, your blog post. I am a teacher of the deaf with a deaf son and so many times I see things like this. Deaf people feeling like they don’t belong to either world. It was so well done!

19 06 2011
Adam Fitzgerald

“You can hear perfectly when you want to”. I’ve heard that one too many times. brand new at signing for the most part, could relate to much of the video. thanks for posting it Tina.


27 06 2011
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