Commonly mispronounced food words

10 07 2011

With a lifelong hearing loss, you’ll know how tricky it is to get some words right. How will you know if you’re pronouncing a word correctly, if no one bothers to tell you, explain to you, or correct you? I have a childhood memory of saying  GRAND PRIX …. just as it is written 🙂 and being made fun of whenever I said it. Eventually, I was informed it is pronounced GRAWHN PREE. Ohhhhh. Heh. How was *I* supposed to know?! Another one was PENELOPE …. which I pronounced PEN-E-LOAP … cue lots of laughter. Bless my lovely brother, he did tell me how to say this one properly.

The photo above is from my tasting session at Boudin’s (BOO-DAN’S) in San Francisco. It was scrummy!

So these articles really caught my interest. Knock yourself out!

20 commonly mispronounced food words: Part 1

20 commonly mispronounced food words: Part 2




3 responses

11 07 2011
Howard Samuels

Who knew there were so many ways to mispronounce your victuals?

12 07 2011

I can relate…I’ve knownw people to mispronounce “yacht”… A memory: In high school I mispronounced “stenography”…Steen-o-graphy. Raised eyebrows there but my wonderful friend quietly corrected me by pulling me aside with the correct pronunciation.

18 07 2011

Gawd! Try pronouncing the word ‘subtle’ when you cannot pick up the subtleties of how subtle subtle sounds.

My friend stops me in mid-sentence and says, “sudel”. I try “sudel” and she stops me again and says “sudle” or so I hear. No! No! NO! I try to be patient and to accept correction with a good heart and a whole smile but after the third try, I feel my face muscles tightening into a grimace.

You have to get the tip of your tongue up behind your front ‘toofers’ while breathing out. Looking daft with my mouth half-open (don’t spit), and a ‘see, mom, no hands’ smile that is supposed to solicit a bit of compassion, I become aware that compassion isn’t where it’s at and that I had better opt for grown up strategies.

Suddle 🙂

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