First Advanced Bionics cochlear implant in Jordan

24 07 2011

Photobucket – July 24, 2011

Advanced Bionics announces its partnership with Hearex

Advanced Bionics announced its cooperation with Hearex, the biggest hearing, balance and speech center in Jordan to guarantee its cochlear patients the utmost comfort with the support of the highly experienced Hearex team.

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It’s fantastic to see support for deaf people increasing in the Middle East, as cochlear implant facilities are scarce in that part of the world. You can get an insight into deaf issues in that region by checking out this blog, Bilaterally Numb.




4 responses

24 07 2011

I bet Rasheed is so pleased!

24 07 2011

YEAH!! 🙂

13 02 2012

where in Jordan\ ,in any hospital please?

14 02 2012

Hi Amani,

This is this hospital where they did the CI op for an 18 year old girl: its located in Amman. 🙂

Incidentally I’m gathering information on cochlear implants in the Middle East & write in my blog here: Good luck! 🙂

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