Bilateral cochlear implant language development

30 10 2011

This is a fascinating look at Lily’s language development from 9 months (pre-implants) to 48 months in a series of videos. Lily received bilateral cochlear implants at 10 months.

Lily at 9 months:

Lily at 12 months:

Lily at 15 months:

Lily at 18 months:

Lily at 21 months:

Lily at 24 months:

Lily at 30 months:

Lily at 36 months, receptive language test:

Lily at 42 months, language test:

Lily at 42 months, sounds:

Lily at 48 months, language test:

Lily’s mom says –

They show how language develops, the amount of language (most of it strategic) we put into Lily’s daily routines and how with the right supports CI kids can communicate remarkably well at a very young age. I think the videos could also give a lot of hope to parents when they first received a diagnosis.

Certainly it helps that Lily was bilaterally implanted at 10 months, that we have great audiological and speech/language/listening resources, that we chose AB and that Lily’s Dad and I are a little language and listening obsessed (especially in the early days – 30,000 words at a minimum).

These videos are from a longitudinal study in the Language Development Lab at Boystown National Research Hospital, directed by Mary Pat Moeller, Ph.D.

Please leave comments on the original post – I’m sure Lily’s mom will appreciate them! The original post has audiology reports and write-ups to add to the story. These videos may get captioned at some point, so check back. Aren’t these videos a treasure, and an incredible memento for Lily in the future.




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