FDA approves Neptune sound processor

1 12 2011

Advanced Bionics is thrilled to announce that the NEPTUNE™ sound processor has received FDA approval in the United States.

Today is a momentous day for us all. You have all been anxiously awaiting this moment and it has finally arrived! Now AB recipients and candidates have the choice of a Neptune or Harmony sound processor for hearing their best with AB.

World’s First Waterproof Sound Processor

AB continues our history of innovation leadership with Neptune, the first and only SWIMMABLE sound processor in the world. Whether you or your child enjoy taking a dip in the pool on a warm day or bonding at baby bath time, Neptune delivers hearing during those important moments.

Industry’s First Freestyle Design

The lightweight Neptune processor features the industry’s first freestyle™ design, allowing you or your child to hear the world with the comfort and beauty of nothing on the ear. Neptune gives you the freedom to choose your wearing style—in your hair, on your arm, under your collar, or in your pocket—without compromising performance. Whether you want to show it off or tuck it away discreetly, the freestyle design lets you wear it just how you like.

Useability and Durability

Built Kid Tough™ for rugged use, Neptune is ideal for every age and every lifestyle whether you live in a humid area, love to swim, enjoy sports, connect in the classroom, or travel across the globe. Neptune carries an IP68 rating that offers maximum protection against solid particles and various forms of moisture, which means that you can hear your best in all weather, all sports, and all terrain.


To ensure you hear your best all of the time, Neptune is compatible with the industry’s most advanced hearing technology for the best possible hearing performance, including ClearVoice™, HiRes Fidelity 120™, and AutoSound™.

To Learn More about Neptune visit www.advancedbionics.com today!

Neptune Brochure

Advanced Bionics press release

I got my hands on a Neptune processor last week. It’s stonkingly beautiful!

Neptune as worn in water

Neptune sound processor (rear) and removable Neptune Connect controls (front)

Neptune waterproof headpiece (white) and out-of-water headpiece (grey)




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1 12 2011


1 12 2011

Hi Tina, thank you for your enthusiasm toward the Neptune approval here in the US. Those of us here at AB involved in the development efforts are very proud to deliver such a product to recipients like yourself! We look forward to TUV approval so you can try it out and share in your own experience. In the meantime, I just wanted to point out one small error in your picture descriptions. The picture at the top is the Neptune sound processor in its smallest and waterproof wearing configuration. The middle picture shows the Neptune sound processor and the Neptune Connect. The Neptune Connect is the controls which are removable to make the device more tamper-proof and to allow the device to be worn in its smallest configuration. The controls must be removed prior to water use. So a more accurate description would be “Neptune processor rear, Neptune Connect, removable controls front”. I hope this information is helpful. Thanks for all you do to keep people aware and informed!

1 12 2011

Hi Sarah

Thank you so much for correcting me! I didn’t have Neptune’s instructions to hand when taking the pictures.

*Photos now amended*

2 12 2011

Fascinating! Tina, do you have two processors for each ear? You planning on getting Neptune?

3 12 2011

Hi Catherine
The NHS will only give us one sound processor for each ear, so I won’t be getting a spare Neptune. I’m very happy with my Harmonies as I’m not in the water that much.

9 12 2011
eye surgery costs

Do the sound processors improve the quality of sound that you’re going to hear?

15 12 2011

Of course. It’s a huge difference in quality, reach, and amount of incoming sound. There isn’t really any comparison between cochlear implants and hearing aids.

12 12 2011

Marvelous for those that want to hear ALL the time. Not so great for children that’s only release from wearing CIs because of parental control to have them wear them all their waking hours, will now not have that time to enjoy being deaf.

12 12 2011

How would they enjoy being deaf if they can’t communicate?

15 04 2012
Nicole Kunstmann

My kid could not communicate with his friends while bathing which left him a little on the side. (They play at the open air bath all summer.) He is looking forward to this summer, hearing while swimming for the first time!

15 04 2012
Nicole Kunstmann

My kid could not communicate with his friends while bathing. He was left a little on the side. (They play in the open air bath all summer.) Now he is looking forward to this summer, hearing while bathing for the first time!

15 12 2011

Looks very nice. The first I heard about this CI was here on your blog.

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