My Big Fat Georgeous Wedding

8 12 2011

Please vote for Janette and Ally to win this competition, so Janette can have her dream wedding dress! I read their story on Facebook and I’m reproducing it here. This competition will work on a like/comment basis – only one comment and like per person will count (each voter has 2 votes, 1 vote awarded for a “like” and another vote awarded for a comment). The competition is sponsored by My Big Fat Georgwous Wedding. I can’t see a closing date, so get your votes in quick!

Link to vote for Janette and Ally on Facebook (log into your Facebook account first)

We have been together 9+ years. I had unhappy life before I met my partner Ally, I was so happy and alive since I met him, we both are profoundly deaf I use british sign language and so does Ally but he can lipread and has good speech. a year later, I went downhill after hospital diagnosed me with ushers syndrome and Retintis Pigmentosa means it will leads me to blind,I can’t drive at all, I have got tunnel vision, no perperial vision at all,I have stopped going out and do things I liked, because I was scared if I couldn’t see/hear cars coming, small children running about, I had couple of accidents that made me stop going out, I never went out for couple of years till Guide dogs came see me with cane training I did not like it and still would not go out, but I was given a guide dog called Vogue labrador x golden retriever, she was smartest dog ever I owned, she is very obedience. Since I got Vogue, my confident  slowly building up, I have made some new friends. I used to hate do shopping, traveling on buses/trains but I do LOVE traveling now and enjoy my independence Vogue has helped me to take my daughters to school, Ally does a lot of cooking, making hot drinks as I feel cooking is not very safe as I tend to get burnt often due to my poor condition of eyes, I can’t work, I find it hard to find a job because I am deaf & blind Ally and Vogue always be here for me whenever I feel down or having a bad day, they always cheer me up. Ally means everything to me, I am very proud to be a guide dog owner so I can enjoy couple of wines so Ally can drive me home 🙂


– What a lovely family they make! 🙂




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