Eyes wide shut

27 01 2012


I booked a third AVT session (Auditory Verbal Therapy) and Rashed came along to watch. My therapist Jacqueline took me through the Ling 6 sounds, saying each sound and repeating it, then giving me pairs, then sets of three. I was fine with AH, SH, S, but I got confused with the set of EE, MM, and OO. Need more practice!

We then moved on to closed sets of words. This means that Jacqueline will give me words that I expect to hear. I chose numbers between one and ten. Jacqueline sat behind me (as she knows I can lipread round corners) and gave me random numbers. I repeated them all back to her. I got them all right, but confused ONE and NINE … but I got that right after a little practice.

We worked on another set; transport. Jacqueline threw words at me, such as BUS, TRAIN, BICYCLE, TRICYCLE, AEROPLANE… out of 20, I got them all right except for two or three. I practised recognising the word by thinking about the sound of the word and not the shape. Being a lifelong lipreader, I automatically figure out what a word is by thinking about what makes sense and what doesn’t within a word and within the context of a sentence, what I am expecting to hear, and thinking about the shape that fits.  It’s hard to break the habit of a lifetime. But thinking about the sounds, it was easier to understand what I was hearing.

We moved on to short sentences, and I surprised myself by being able to understand what had been said. Rashed sat opposite me and gave me some sentences, I listened and repeated these after him, then I responded to questions. Jacqueline joined in, and before I knew it, we were having a three-way conversation. With my eyes wide shut!

(Someone fell off his chair in shock)



3 responses

27 01 2012

You were amazing! Proud of you and happy for your excellent progress, that small smile was barely able to hide your glee when you kept repeating what was being said!

27 01 2012
Sam Spritzer

Someone fell off his chair? Cause an earthquake???? CONGRATS! I love hearing these kind of stories and no, not that one…the one about eyes shut! 🙂

30 01 2012
Peter Stelmacovich

Congratulations! That is great progress. I remember those early days well. I still get a tickle whenever I talk on the phone, I still cant believe that I can do this again with my CI.

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